Veg R&D Forum

November 9 & 10, 2016

The VegR&D Forum is an occasional meeting of the research managers of vegetable seed companies with breeding activities for the North American market. Its purpose is to enable discussion of long-term, pre-competitive research topics of importance to the North American vegetable seed industry, potentially leading to the creation of research consortia.

• Kent Bradford, Professor of Plant Sciences & Director, Seed Biotechnology Center, UC Davis
New Research on Seed Vigor

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• Phyllis Himmel, Director, Collaboration for Plant Pathogen Strain identification (CPPSI)
• Bryce Falk, Professor of Plant Pathology, UC Davis
Project to Identify and Pool Information About Newly Emerging Disease Strains and Races (a possible extension of the CPPSI activities)

• Neal Williams, Associate Professor of Entomology, UC Davis
Using Wild Bees for the Pollination of Seed Crops

• Richard Michelmore, Director of the UC Davis Genome Center and Professor, UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Department of Microbiology and Immunology
New Opportunities for Plant Improvement

• Anne Britt, Professor of Plant Biology, UC Davis
Haploid induction Through Single Amino Acid Substitutions in CENH3 Histone Fold Protein

• Isabelle Henry, Associate Project Scientist, Luca Comai Laboratory, Genome Center and Department of Plant Biology, UC Davis
A Tool for Functional Genomics? The Case of Bud Burst

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